The Force Belongs To Us: THE LAST JEDI’s Beautiful Refocusing of Star Wars

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1. Okay. I wasn’t going to write anything for one simple reason: I know way too many of the Johnson clan at this point for this to be anything but biased blatherings. So there it is. I have no idea what to do with this hope-diamond-sized-grain of…

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So I had a whole “Year-End Awards” thing all planned out, was gonna do my top 10 and announce winners of the dubious honor of me liking them a bit in categories with runner up nominees, the whole shebang. But truth be told I did not see enough movies this year. But as someone tangentially […]

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Steve Jobs is a boring, irritating, empty, pretentious movie. There isn’t much else to say about Steve Jobs as a film. Frankly speaking I am flabbergasted that all these snobby old vanguard critics and all the wannabe kids sucking at their tits are able to fill full professional reviews with soaring praise for this movie […]

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My name is Jakob

Occasionally, if the planets are properly aligned, I will wake from my depression coma and go see a movie. And if I’m inclined I’ll write a review of that movie. Thus far I’ve been putting those on Facebook but that hasn’t been the best place for them. So I’ve started a blog for posting movie […]

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